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Roman Čmejla
Roman Čmejla is Professor at the Department of Circuit Theory at Czech Technical University and head of the Signal Analysis, Modelling and Interpretation group. He obtained MSc and PhD degree at the Czech Technical University in Prague with PhD thesis 'Stop consonants recognition'.

His main research interests focus on analysis and processing biological and speech signals.

office: B2/525 | phone: +420 224 352 236 |
e-mail: cmejla at

Jan Rusz
Jan Rusz is Assistant professor in the Signal Analysis, Modelling, and Interpretation Group at the Department of Circuit Theory. Since 2008, he is also research fellow in First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague.

His research interests include Speech and Neuroscience with a background of signal processing, modelling, control and computational engineering, statistics, & physiology.

office: B2/520 | phone: +420 224 352 287 |
e-mail: at

Post-graduate researchers

Radek Janča
His research is focused on analysis of intracranial EEG, detection of the Seizure Onset Zone and indetification of EEGs artifacts.

office: C4/460 | phone: +420 224 352 820 |
e-mail: jancarad at

Petr Ježdík
His research is focused on EEG signal processing, non-destructive testing, Xray inspection, computed tomography, automotive diagnostic.

office: C4/460 | phone: +420 224 352 820 |
e-mail: jancarad at

Michal Novotný
His research is focused on development of robust algorithms for extraction of features from speech and facial expression.

office: B3/613 | phone: +420 224 355 887 |
e-mail: novotnym26 at

Tereza Tykalová
Her research consists in acoustic investigation of pathological utterances recorded from patients with different neurological diseases.

office: B3/613 | phone: +420 224 355 887 |
e-mail: tykalter at

PhD students

Jan Hlavnička
His research is focused on biological signal processing and development of signal processing methods for motor speech disorders assessment.

office: C4/460 | phone: +420 224 352 820 |
e-mail: hlavnjan at

Jan Sedlák
His research interests are focused on surface EMG signal processing and movement disorders diagnostic methods.

office: C4/461 | phone: +420 224 352 820 |
e-mail: jan.sedlak at

Former members: succesful PhD graduates

Tomáš Lustyk (2018)
PhD thesis: "Analysis of disfluency in pathological speech" [PDF]

Martina Ovčaří (2017)
PhD thesis: "Analýza promluv dětí s vývojovou dysfázií" [PDF]

Daniel Špulák (2016)
PhD thesis: "Zpracování povrchových elektromyografických signálů" [PDF]

Adam Stráník (2014)
PhD thesis: "Analýza a hodnocení chraptivosti v řečovém signálu" [PDF]

Jan Janda (2012)
PhD thesis: "Age-dependent parameters of children's speech"

Petr Bergl (2010)
PhD thesis: "Objectification of speech dysfluencies"

Petr Zlatník (2008)
PhD thesis: "Children speech intelligibility assessment using DTW"

Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Department of Circuit Theory
Technicka 2, 166 27 Prague 6, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 2435 2236, e-mail: cmejla at