Roman Čmejla

 Professor at the Department of Circuit Theory
 Head of the Signal Analysis, Modelling,
 and Interpretation Group
 Faculty of Electrical Engineering
 Czech Technical University in Prague
 Technicka 2, 166 27 Prague 6, Czech Republic

Tel: +420 224 352 236
Fax: +420 233 339 805

Research Areas

·  Analysis and processing biological and speech signals


·          1986 Ing. (MSc degree), Czech Technical University in Prague

·          1993 CSc. (PhD degree), Czech Technical University in Prague

·          1996 visiting scholarship, University of Cambridge, Signal Processing Group

·          2002 Docent (Assoc. Prof), Czech Technical University in Prague

·          2016 Professor. Czech Technical University in Prague

Research grants (responsible person)

·          Age-related changes in acoustic characteristics of adult speech
  (GACR 16-19975S, 2016-18)

·          Acoustic voice and speech analysis in patients with central nervous

  system disorders
 (GAČR, 102/12/2230, 2012-2015)

·          Biological and speech signal modelling
  (GAČR, GD102/03/H085, 2003-2007)

·          Analysis and modelling biomedical and speech signals
  (GAČR, GD102/08/H008, 2008-2011)

·          Voice and audio signal analysis
  (Czech Ministry of Education, 2010)

·          Analysis of intracranial EEG recording,
  (Grant Agency of the Czech Technical University, 2010-2012)

·          Large-scale dynamics and critical transitions in neuronal networks
  and their role in limbic seizure genesis

  (co-investigator  GAČR 14-02634S, 2014-2017)

·          Intracranial EEG signal processing; epileptogenic zone identification
  in non-lesional refractory epilepsy patiens
  (co-investigator, Czech Ministry of Health, NT11460-4/2010, 2010-2013)

·          Understanding of functional organization of temporal lobe
  epilepsy neuronal networks
  (co-investigator, Czech Ministry of Health,  NT14489/2013, 2013-2015)



Lecturer in bachelor´s, magister´s, and PhD. study programs (Basic Signal Processing, Biological Signal Processing, Multimedia Signal Synthesis, Digital Processing of Speech, and Circuit Theory)



Supervisor of succesful PhD students:

·          Ing. Petr Prášek, PhD.
  Impulse Oscilometry, 2005

·          Ing. Jan Prokš, PhD.
  Selected methods of measuring the time delay in the EEG, 2005

·          Ing. Petr Zlatník, PhD.

  Assessment of children's speech intelligibility using DTW, 2008

·          Ing. Petr Bergl, PhD.
  The objectification of fluency disorders, 2010

·          Ing. Jan Janda, PhD.
  Assessment of logopedical age at children, 2012

·          Ing. Jan Rusz, PhD.
  Acoustic analysis of speech disorders in Parkinson’s disease, 2012

·          Ing. Adam Stráník, PhD.
  Automatic evaluation of hoarseness in speech signal,2014

·          Ing. Radek Janča, PhD.
  Analysis of Invasive EEG signals in epileptology, 2014

·          Ing. Daniel Špulák, PhD.
  Surface EMG signal processing, 2015

·          Ing. Tereza Tykalová, PhD.
  Evaluation of motor speech disorders by acoustic analysis:
  differential diagnosis and monitoring of medical intervention
, 2017

·          Ing. Michal Novotný, PhD.
  Automated assessment of diadochokinesis and resonance in dysarthrias
  associated with basal ganglia dysfunction
, 2017

·          Ing. Martina Nejepsová, PhD.
  Analysis of children with developmental dysphasia, 2017


Memberships in Societies and Boards

·          External member of Scientific Council,
  2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague

·          Member of Faculty Academic Senate

·          Member of Editorial Board of Acoustic Letters (Akustické listy)

·          Member of Branch Board Acoustics at FEE CTU in Prague

·          Member of Branch Board Electrical Engineering Theory at FEE CTU in Prague


Publication activity

·          H-index ISI WoS 8

·          H-index Google Scholar 11

Latest update: 18.04.2017

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Department of Circuit Theory
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