Electronics and Communications Committee of FEE CTU in Prague,
Department of Circuit Theory FEE CTU in Prague,
Czech Acoustical Society

announce a student competition

Sound and Musical Instrument Synthesis
Using Software Environment MATLAB

The competition is designed for university students who can participate by submitting three tasks


Competition Assignment:


a)     Musical instrument synthesis of one of the following compositions using MIDI files:


i)              Freddie Mercury "Bohemian Rhapsody". The attached file BOHEMIAN.MID file consists of a 11 instruments + 15 percussion sounds


ii)             Lalo Schifrin "Theme from Mission: Impossible" using a MIDI file MISSION.MID, which consists of 12 instruments + 26 percussions.


b)     Three octaves of the Major music scale, consisting of all the synthesized musical instruments.


c)      An arbitrary realization of own audio synthesis using the MATLAB environment (non-musical sounds are also accepted).

The arbitrary composition may consist of various sounds including synthesis of fully synthetic instruments (e.g., Theremin, Hammond’s organ, sounds of FM synthesizers, and others) and common sounds of everyday life. For the composition enhancement, it is possible to use different effects such as reverb, echo, chorus, stereo, and others.

Competition Rules:

a)     All the audio synthesis algorithms have to be programmed in the MATLAB environment

b)     For the composition use your own or freely distributable MIDI files

c)      Use a MIDI_toolbox (version 2.2) as a MIDI files type 0 to MATLAB interpreter

           • function main.m contains examples of the solo instrument and polyphony synthesis

           • your own synthesis should be included in the file synth.m, in which the instrument                       functions may be written

           • the MIDI files used for synthesis has to be included in the midi folder

           • output synthesis files *.m4a have to be included in the result folder

d)     Output audiosynthesis files will be in the *. m4a format

e)     The final version should be submitted via email synthchallenge@fel.cvut.cz before 31.12.2021, 24:00:

           • all the source files of the synthesis in the format *.m

           • used source MIDI files *.mid

           • the output files of the three syntheses *. m4a

             (mandatory composition, musical scale, arbitrary composition)

           • a report containing the description of used techniques of the synthesis and references

f)      Output synthetic files (*.m4a) provided by competitors will be published on the web page

g)     The announcement of the competition results, will be held 
on the Wednesday 12th of January, 2022

Contact:                                  synthchallenge@fel.cvut.cz

Source files for download:          MIDI_toolbox_2.2.zip, BOHEMIAN.MID, MISSION.MID


Posters for the competition (download): poster_en.pdf, poster_cz.pdf

Synth Challenge:

            Year                 Task                            Results

            2021                 SynthChall2021             Results2021

            2020                 SynthChall2020             Results2020

            2019                 SynthChall2019             Results2019

            2018                 SynthChall2018             Results2018

            2017                 SynthChall2017             Results2017

            2016                 SynthChall2016             Results2016

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