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announce a student competition

Sound and Musical Instrument Synthesis
The competition is designed for university students who can participate by submitting two tasks

Competition Assignment:


1)     Synthesize sound of the electric vehicle Superb by Škoda auto according to car motion control (please see description) and video. Although speed of the vehicle and engine (columns 9 and 10) are the most natural factors defining the final sound, we do not constrain which and how any parameters should be employed for synthesis.


2)     Musical instrument synthesis of one of the following compositions using MIDI files:


i)      "Barcarolle" from 'The Tales of Hoffmann' by Jacques Offenbach using MIDI files. The attached file Barcarolle.mid / Barcarolle.csv (please see description) consists of piano and string ensemble tracks.


ii)     "Typewriter" from by Leroy Anderson using MIDI files. The attached file Typewriter.mid / Typewriter.csv (please see description) consists of piano, percussion and bell tracks.


Musical instruments and sounds in both MIDI files can be freely replaced with other instruments. Please see original orchestral versions on the internet for inspiration.

Competition Rules:

a)     The algorithms of audio synthesis of car sounds could be programmed in MATLAB or different software environment

b)     In MATLAB environment you can use a MIDI_toolbox (version 2.3) with MIDI files type 0

           • function main.m contains examples of the solo instrument and polyphony synthesis

           • your own synthesis should be included in the file synth.m, in which the instrument                       functions may be written

           • the MIDI files used for synthesis has to be included in the midi folder

           • output synthesis files *.m4a have to be included in the result folder

c)      The output files of sound synthesis in both tasks must be in the *. m4a audio format

d)     The final version of competition tasks should be submitted via email synthchallenge@fel.cvut.cz before 31.12.2022, 24:00:

           • all files of the synthesis in the original format of the used software environments

           • the output files from both tasks (*. m4a)

           • a report containing the description of used techniques of the synthesis and references

e)     The report and output synthetic files provided by competitors will be published on the web page

f)      The announcement of the competition results, will be held 
on the Wednesday January 11, 2023

Contact:                                  synthchallenge@fel.cvut.cz

Source files for download:          MIDI_toolbox_2.3.zip, Barcarolle.mid, Typewriter.mid

Synth Challenge:

            Year                 Task                            Results

            2021                 SynthChall2021             Results2021

            2020                 SynthChall2020             Results2020

            2019                 SynthChall2019             Results2019

            2018                 SynthChall2018             Results2018

            2017                 SynthChall2017             Results2017

            2016                 SynthChall2016             Results2016

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